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Pleasure Palomino Tennessee Walking Horses - Trail Horses, Parade Horses - Broodmares and Foals - Demonstrations and Lite shod Show Horses...

Welcome to Knight's Pals, 
breeders of beautiful, flatshod Palomino 
Tennessee Walking horses, 
in the heart of Tennessee.





Come on in and visit with Harlan and Eva Knight 
at Knight's Pals, Hermitage, Tn. 
and let us tell you a little bit about our horses. 

Knight's Pals is the home of 
registered Palomino Tennessee Walking Horses,
trained as pleasure horses, Trail, Demonstration and 
shown as lite shod plantation



In early California, Palominos were popular, and it is believed that they may have received the name Palomino from the color palomino. The word "Palomino" is American and one story relates that the vineyards of California developed a "golden grape" which was named "palomino" and from the golden grape came the name for the horse color. 

The Palomino was first recognized as a breed in the US  in the thirties.  Two breed registries have been formed and breeds can be double registered if the color is acceptable. 

We train our horses the natural way and start them by foal imprinting.

Knight's Pals


What determines if a horse is a Palomino?   The color is determined by a genetic dilution factor.   The darkness  or lightness of the golden or yellow coat is determined by the extent of dilution. When the sorrel or chestnut is diluted, the result is a palomino.   When a palomino is bred to a palomino, one fourth of the foals will be double dilutions which is expressed as a Cremello.   The only way to get all palominos is to breed a Cremello to a chestnut, which should always result in a palomino.   

Click Here to see a beautiful Palomino Tennessee Walking Horse

Palominos are not true breeders.   Breeding ' pals'  to ' pals'  does not always result in palomino foals.   Supposedly, a pal crossed with a pal results in one-half palomino, one fourth chestnut and one forth Cremello.   Pal bred to a chestnut produces one half palomino and one half chestnut.    A pal bred to a Cremello will produce one half pal and one half Cremello. 
Misty's Golden Sport and Dream Valley Shadow, Parade and Trail horses
Misty's Golden Sport - click here for illustrated pedigree. Sport and Shadow Dream Valley Shadow - click here for illustrated pedigree.

Palominos are a color preference in the Walking Horse breed and 
as long as there is a demand for
gold - Palomino horses will be in demand. 

Click Here to see  beautiful Palomino Tennessee Walking Horse broodmares.


Nuggets Red Skipper
Eva and Sunny Boy's Apollo


Eva's Favorite Tree


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Tennessee Walking Horse Adult Supreme Versatility Program.


We would like to hear from other owners of Tennessee Walking Horse Palominos.
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